Technical information

Basic building blocks of air&me

  • Web presentation

  • CRM - customer database and loyalty system

  • Catalog of goods (general, selected, personalized for a customer)

  • Campaign

  • Flyer

  • Voucher

  • Survey

  • SMS

  • E-MAIL

  • E-SHOP

  • Facebook

  • Analyses and reports

  • Artificial intelligence

  • ERP Interface

Example of placing AIR&ME components into your WEBSITE content

Websites are prepared by any CMS system and SCRIPT is inserted into them - i.e. text copied from the portal AIR&ME

Prepare your Website content in any Website editor such as WORDPRESS, WIX, DUDAMOBILE, or any other.


Set the parameters and design of individual components in the air&me administration environment, and the link to them will simply copy onto your clipboard (very short Website link)


Then place it as an HTML section into the content of your Website.


The result is a modern Website having all the characteristics that today’s technology offers, connected with your application data, your business logic and with all of your requirements for design and visage of your presentation.


        The platform is built on the most modern available technologies while applying the principle of isolated

        micro-services. It is designed as multi-tenant and can be operated both in a cloud or as a local installation. 

  • Back end and databases

    • The back end is implemented through a set of mutually isolated micro-services, which are compatible with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric.

    • For highly efficient and fast access to data, it combines the advantages of relational databases (Microsoft SQL) with NoSQL, non-relational, distributed, horizontally scalable databases (Elastic Search).


  • Front end

    • The front end of all applications is always and exclusively WEB, HTML5, with use of the Angular 4 framework

    • All applications are designed as responsive right from the start.


  • Integration with other systems

    • Integration with other systems is mostly implemented by means of WEB API (SOAP / REST), but other older methods are also possible.


  • Prints - outputs 

    • It uses a modern reporting tool enabling definition of unlimited variations of standard forms, special forms, (lunch specials, menu, sales events, etc.), and statistical outputs (graphs, tables).

    • Support for a number of output formats (PDF, PNG, HTML, Excel, etc.)

Further technical specifications


Commercial representation:

Sunseed  Development s.r.o.

Tel: +420 725 579 915

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